Patrick Fennell

  • Undergraduate student
  • Sonoma State University
  • Twitter: Pitter_Patrick

My involvement in the Semester at Sea program during the Spring of 2014 has defined much of who I am. I have travelled throughout Africa, Asia and Europe, and visited over a dozen countries. After growing up in San Diego, California I will now be graduating from Sonoma State University in May as a History Major with Film and Economics minors; I am interested in understanding the unique heritage of every individual. By the same token, my experience also includes over half a decade of work in the food and tech industries. This past year I was hired as a docent and research assistant at the Military Antiques Museum in Petaluma, CA. While on semester at sea i hosted the student talent show for a crowd of over 800. One of my award-winning short films will be shown at the ‘Terminus Conference’ in Atlanta later this year.