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EDIT (8:00 PM, Jan 3): Unfortunately I will need to withdraw this session or pass it off to someone else. My flight has been delayed and I will not make it to Denver until at least 3 pm tomorrow (Jan 4). If someone else likes the idea and wants to take it up, let me know! Happy to collaborate/send some ideas your way to help this conversation happen.


This could be a teach, talk, or play session – or some combination of all three, depending on what’s most useful.

Teach: In summer 2016, I participated in Hybrid Pedagogy‘s Teaching with Twitter online course (led by Jesse Stommel) and my students and I used Twitter as a tool in a World Civilizations course during the Fall 2016 semester. If an intro to teaching with Twitter would be useful, I’d love to share what it took to get started, how I worked Twitter into the class, and how students responded to the inclusion of Twitter in the class.

Talk: Discuss pros/cons/potential uses of Twitter together. A chance to brainstorm how Twitter can support pedagogy and class/student goals, what rules might need to govern Twitter in the classroom, and how issues like accessibility, student privacy, and cyberbullying can come up when using Twitter.

Play: Set up “disposable” Twitter accounts for anyone without an account then play around. “Play” could include a Twitter chat online, setting up Tweetdeck, composing Twitter essays, or mining Twitter for hashtags and accounts that might be useful to us as teachers/professionals.

For any of the above options, it would be useful for participants to have access to a phone, tablet, or laptop with internet access.

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About Heather Bennett

I am a graduate student with Drew University and a visiting instructor with the University at Buffalo program in Singapore. Both my research and teaching focus on the intersections of technology and history. My dissertation project explores how digital tendencies affect the ways students think about history and in classes, I use Twitter and a blogging project to get students thinking about public communication, digital citizenship, and where the past meets the present.

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  1. I would be up for any of these iterations, depending on what others were interested in doing. Thanks Heather!

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